Engineered for audio distinction.
The Status integrated amplifier is designed with two separate 170 watt per channel (8 ohm) monobloc amplifiers coupled to an extremely high quality analogue control pre-amp stage. Ultra-low noise regulators are used in a two-stage regulation design for the analogue side of the pre-amp.   The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and DAC allows high quality streaming of music from iOS, Android and Windows devices using A2DP and AVRCP 1.4 protocols.
Four single ended inputs are provided taking advantage of the differential circuit topology, allowing each single ended input to operate with single point grounding, to reduce noise and isolation between inputs.

Substantial separate power supplies for each mono channel provide high current capacity for the power stages and a separately regulated higher voltage supply to the power amplifier’s input and driver stages.

A total of 80,000uF storage capacitors are used in the amplifier to provide a high instantaneous current capacity and low noise.The clever engineering developed for the Status ensures that a very natural, clean and detailed sound is produced with a very linear power output across the frequency range.

This amplifier has impressed all who have heard it, especially when combined with the optional DAC PCB.  More good news is that it is completely built in the UK and has customisable finishes.

The Status – Integrated Amplifier

Production Versions Available Soon!

 Power rating: 

170W per channel into 8 Ohms, 300W per channel into 4 Ohms


Dual monobloc power amplifier and screened control pre-amp

Inputs :

Analogue Input
One balanced XLR input
Three phono input
One 3.5mm jack input on the front panel
Integrated bluetooth 4.0 receiver with 96dB SNR DAC allows streaming of music from iOS, Android and Windows devices using A2DP/AVRCP 1.4 protocols


Analogue Outputs
L,R & Sub pre-amp outputs, balanced XLR & single ended RCA
Power amp left & right channel outputs on WBT binding posts


Dedicated class A headphone amplifier with 6.35mm Socket


Infrared remote control
RS232 interface for systems installations

Optional Digital Input with on board DAC


Digital PCB built around an ESS Sabre Reference  DAC with a fully balanced analogue stage and onboard asynchronous USB module:

  • Sample rates up to 384KHz and DSD64/DSD 128 supported.
  • No drivers needed for Mac OSX 10.6+ and Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel. Wasapi/WDM/ASIO drivers provided for MS XP to Win8.


Asyncronous USB (USB-B connector)
Two Optical
Two Coaxial


Stereo phono amplifier for Moving coil and Moving magnet cartridges.

Fully passive equalisation between two active gain stages.

Switch selectable cartridge resistance loading

Switch selectable capacitance loading

Switch selectable gain for MC / MM


RIAA reproduction characteristics


20Hz to 20,000Hz      +/-0.25dB

Output voltage: 0.5V at 1KHz

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Email :
Phone : 01843 821821