Ideal for moderate sized rooms. Our designs have bespoke matching stands and all have customisable finishes. They are elegant in design and have a warm audiophile acoustic performance. The stand mount speakers are beautifully engineered to be less intrusive in your chosen listening room and may therefore be more acceptable to the whole family.

These speakers tend to fill larger rooms being more powerful and more detailed than the stand mount speakers. They are as graceful as a floorstanding speaker can be. Attractive designs with lower, punchy bass and a natural sound stage. Keeping the family image, the floorstanders use the same heavy machined aluminium foot to support the main body; a stylish addition that allows an element of tilt adjustment for maximum acoustic alignment. Again, the floorstander speakers can be custom finished to your requirements.

Starting with the premiere product; a seriously well-equipped, hand-crafted and cleverly engineered integrated amplifier, endowed with 170W of Class AB power per channel into 8 ohms. It provides linear power across the frequency range allowing the essence of the original recording to be amplified naturally and clearly. Further developments can only benefit from this flagship design.

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