"It is as though it was music from the harmony of the spheres, the celestial movement of the heavens." - Galileo Galilei


Modern British Audio is our brand name for a range of high end hi-fi products. Our speakers have been developed using the assets from O’hEocha Design, a hi-fi manufacturer who started in 1999 and now transformed into MBA. Aonghus o’hEocha produced quality product designs which we have re-fashioned for current trends and also re-voiced for today’s consumer demands. Building on the heritage brought by O’hEocha and our own contributions from Electronics manufacturing and Design engineering in the Aerospace, Space and Opto-Electronics industries, we have created the MBA brand range of products

Our attitude towards operations, as the brand “Modern British Audio” suggests, is that we design and manufacture all products in the UK. We use local craftsmen where possible and when sourced outside the UK , we meticulously select key suppliers to support us.


The brand has been created to bridge the gap between pure audiophile products and “Lifestyle” fashioning. The hi-fi market is demanding products that are developed to not only provide excellent sound but also look fantastic. Equally, it is not enough to produce a product that looks great but does not have the acoustic performance to match. Modern British Audio satisfies these market needs, providing the products that meet both requirements.

Further product developments under the Modern British Audio brand will all follow this ethos and continue to be designed and manufactured in the UK.

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“MBAco has benefitted from the support provided by the Success grant scheme run by Hastings Borough Council. Without this, MBAco would only exist in my dreams.” – Darren Hollands